Dr. Frances Phillips Kendrick

Dr. Kendrick was animal lover from her earliest childhood memories. In fourth grade, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she remarked that she “wanted to be a veterinarian”. Many years later she graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in the Class of 1992.

While at Auburn, she volunteered with the Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Unit. She learned how to handle and care for injured raptors (birds of prey) and has served as a liaison to the Alabama Department of Conservation in Dallas County to render care to injured wildlife.

Dr. Kendrick is the wife of Lacy Kendrick, a forester, and is the mother of triplets, Will, Tommy, and Walter. Along with her numerous pets, she describes home life as “never a dull moment”.
After working in numerous vet clinics and hospitals around the Blackbelt, Dr. Kendrick opened Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital, LLC in October 2001. She practiced small and large animal medicine for years but now concentrates mostly on small animal internal medicine and surgery and dentistry with an occasional goat or horse case to “make the day interesting”.

Community involvement is important to Dr. Kendrick and she has served on the board of SABRA Sanctuary and the Central AL Animal Shelter and on the PTO in the Dallas County School System. She has also served as a children’s Sunday school teacher and bible drill instructor at Elkdale Baptist Church. Dr. Kendrick is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association serving as president in 2022-2023, and has represented the West Alabama VMA as a president and as a board representative to the Alabama VMA.

Dr. Kendrick enjoys Auburn football, canoeing the Cahaba River, photography in the outdoors, and reading when the weather keeps her indoors.

Jessica Frazer

Jessica is a veterinary assistant and assistant to the receptionist. She moved to Selma after marrying Lane. He grew up here and he wanted to move back home. (Don’t you just love this, folks that love Selma because it is home!) Jessica has a critter family of 3 dogs and 2 cats. She has fit right in at Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital and what she enjoys most of all is the interesting and exciting cases and the surgical procedures in which she gets to assist.
In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, particularly hunting and camping and fishing. The most fascinating thing she has observed so far is how many dogs that like to eat rocks that come to regret it!

G’Mya McGary

G’Mya has lived in Selma her whole life and after graduating from Selma High in 2021, she decided that she wanted a career in veterinary medicine. G’Mya is enrolled in the veterinary technician program at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham and is working toward her degree while working at Valley Creek Vet Hospital. She enjoys the hands-on experiences in helping with all kinds of animals and all the different breeds of dogs and cats. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She fits in perfectly here at VCVH (now we just have to convince her mom to let her have a dog).

Erin Odom

Erin has lived in Selma her whole life and has had dogs for most of it. Dr. Kendrick has been her vet all her life and when she wanted to come to work at Valley Creek, Dr. Kendrick was thrilled. Erin is such a joy to be around and she makes the days at the office bright and fun. She enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the river. At Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital, she assists the receptionist and is a veterinary assistant. Truly there is not one area of the office that she doesn’t help with when help is needed. Erin loves building a connection with clients and their pets. She enjoys learning new things, especially working in the laboratory area and in our radiology area. Erin is working towards her college degree while working at VCVH and she has a bright future ahead of her.

Mahalie Alexander

Mahalie graduated from Dallas County High School in 2020 and completed her Associate’s degree from Wallace Community College in 2022 and while she was still in her cap and gown, she came directly to Dr. Kendrick to ask for a job in a veterinary medicine. She is now working towards getting her degree for veterinary technician. She loves helping with animals and hanging out with her VCVH buddies. Halie loves movies and playing video games and her dog, Zuro.