Dr. Kendrick

Dr. Kendrick was animal lover from her earliest childhood memories. In fourth grade, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she remarked that she “wanted to be a veterinarian”. Many years later she graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in the Class of 1992.

While at Auburn, she volunteered with the Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Unit. She learned how to handle and care for injured raptors (birds of prey) and has served as a liason to the Alabama Department of Conservation in Dallas County to render care to injured wildlife.

Dr. Kendrick is the wife of Lacy Kendrick, forester for Buchanan Forestry and Timber, and the mother of triplet boys, Will, Tommy, and Walter. Along with her numerous pets, she describes home life as “never a dull moment”.

After working in numerous vet clinics and hospitals around the Blackbelt, Dr. Kendrick opened Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital, LLC in October 2001.

Community involvement is important to Dr. Kendrick and she has served on the board of SABRA Sanctuary and the Central AL Animal Shelter. She has also served on the PTO in the Dallas County School System. She has also serves as a children’s Sunday school teacher at Elkdale Baptist Church.

Dr. Kendrick is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, and has represented the West Alabama VMA as a president and as a board representative to the Alabama VMA.

Dr. Kendrick enjoys Auburn football, canoeing the Cahaba River, photography in the outdoors, and reading when the weather keeps her indoors.

Terri Fisher, Receptionist

Terri joined our staff in 2014 as our receptionist and our clients have loved her infectious smile and friendly manner ever since. Terri is a graduate of Selma High School and she and her husband Burton have been clients since Valley Creek Vet Hospital opened.

Terri has two pets, a Labrador retriever name Sage and a Persian cat named Hank. She has many backyard critters and enjoys the fresh eggs her hens lay. She enjoys spoiling her niece Cassie and many outdoor activities like gardening and camping.

Emily Dees, Kennel Manager

Emily is our kennel manager and she really enjoys her job. She loves getting to know each pet for their own uniqueness. And she really loves animals and it is evident if you spend about 30 seconds with her. She keeps us laughing all day and she is a joy to be around. Emily has 2 dogs, Blake and Lucas, and enjoys sports of all kinds and anything to do outdoors. Emily was an outstanding athlete in college where she played catcher for Shelton State Community College for 2 years.

Lauren Ellis, Veterinary Assistant

Lauren has been hanging around and working at Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital for a long time and she is like a daughter to Dr. Kendrick. Lauren has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 5 years old but claims to have set her mind to it when she turned 13. She graduated from Judson College in 2019 with a BS in Biology and a Minor in Psychology. She has applied to Veterinary Schools at Auburn, Tuskegee and Mississippi State and is waiting for her interviews. We are so excited for her and anxiously await her acceptance in this great profession. Lauren has 3 dogs, Trixie, Sadie, and Marley, and she says her most interesting pet was a Guinea pig named Amy. Lauren says,” I love it when a dog sees me and gets excited to be here because he knows me!”

Katelyn Hopkins, Veterinary Assistant

Katelyn Hopkins has literally grown up in and around Valley Creek Veterinary Hospital. As a young child, she came here during the day to visit while her mom Kelly was working. We were so excited to be the place that Katelyn wanted to have her first official job. She is delightful and funny and she loves animals. Katelyn is currently enrolled at Wallace Community College in Selma where she aspires to go to nursing school. We hope she changes her mind and pursues a veterinary career! Your pets will love meeting her and she is very excited to meet all the new four legged friends she makes here daily.