Jun 25 2015

Why cat videos are good for you

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According to a new study from Indiana University, there’s more to be gained from watching cat videos than a few LOLs. Researchers found that watching cat videos can actually boost energy levels, heighten positive emotions, and decrease negative emotions.

It seems like a strange topic for scientific inquiry, but when you consider that cat videos are one of the most popular uses of the Internet, it’s not such a stretch. The press release from the University says that in 2014 alone, more than 2 million cat videos were uploaded to YouTube, and there were almost 26 billion views.

36% of the respondents described themselves as a “cat person” while 60% said they like both cats and dogs. The research data found that:

  • People were more energetic and felt more positive after watching cat-related online media, and they had fewer negative emotions, such as anxiety, annoyance, and sadness.
  • Respondents often watched cat videos at work or while studying.
  • The positive effects from watching the videos outweighed the guilt normally associated with procrastination.
  • Respondents actively sought out cat videos about 25% of the time – the other 75% were videos they happened upon.

That means, the authors say, the effects of watching cat videos, even as a way to procrastinate, may help people tackle tough tasks afterward.

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